We just wanted to let you know about some recent speaker changes. Sadly, Bill Moggridge is now unable to join us at UX London. However, we have some great news about his replacement. We’re really excited to announce that Pixar’s Michael B Johnson will be joining us for this year’s event. Michael leads the animation studio at Pixar and has been involved in most of Pixar’s feature films and short films. Responsible for designing their storyboarding, animation and rendering tools, Michael has a unique perspective on user experience design and its similarities with the movie making process.

“Making movies is a complex, collaborative, creative activity” says Michael. “At Pixar, we don’t pretend to know exactly what we’re doing, but we do have a process – one that we constantly test, prototype and refine based on the stories we want to tell and the people who want to tell them. Technology and art go hand in hand at Pixar – each challenges and reinforces the other.” Michael will share his perspective on the Pixar film-making process; involving both creative story tellers who want things they don’t know how to make, and flexible technologists who want to empower them.

With such obvious parallels between the Pixar film-making process and the larger design process, we hope this will be one of the most inspiring and insightful talks at UX London 2010.

We do have some tickets remaining, to see Michael and all our other fantastic speakers book now.