We started our paid internship program in the summer of 2008 as a way of giving young designers their first step on the ladder. However much to our surprise (and delight), the majority of our interns already had a number of years experience and were looking for our help to improve their skills and take their careers to the next level. So this year, we’ve decided to go back to the original brief and do things slightly differently.

Inspired by our friends at Mint Digital , and coinciding with our move into our lovely new offices in Brighton, we'll be taking on two University graduates as part of a three-month program to conceive a brand new digital product.

The traditional intern format usually involves giving you the opportunity to experience what it's like working inside that company. So you shadow staff members, work on internal projects and help out with client work if you’re lucky. It’s a great experience but difficult to encapsulate in your portfolio.

This time around we’ll be taking on two interns—one a little more conceptual and one a little more technical—to work together on a 3 month brief to create a brand new product. So they will work under our guidance to come up with an interesting idea, sketch out the user experience, design the interface and build a working prototype worthy of public consumption.

This will be run as a proper project with daily stand-ups, weekly reviews and regular crit sessions. So it will be a great opportunity for two recent graduates to gain that vital studio experience and end up with an amazing portfolio piece. And depending on the idea, we may even be able to help you turn it into a proper business.

For more info on our internship program and how to apply, check out http://clearleft.com/is/hiring/interns