Here, we’ve yet more dConstruct festiveness to report!

The night before the conference, Chris Noessel, one of our fab speakers, will be hosting a very special screening of 'Guardians of the Galaxy'. It’s a wonderful film, with engaging characters, witty dialogue, and bags of charm. If you look closely the movie is also dripping with dozens of beautifully rendered science fiction interfaces. Sometimes these interfaces are there to add mood and texture, while at other times they play an integral part in the narrative.

Ever wondered how and why these interfaces get designed the way they do, the role they play in story-telling, and whether they’d actually work in real life? Chris Noessel, designer and author of the brilliant book 'Make It So: Interaction Design Lessons from Science Fiction', knows a thing or two about that. To discuss these topics and more he’ll be joined by David Hicks from Territory Studio, the effects team behind 'Guardians of the Galaxy'. So join us at Duke’s at Komedia on September 10th for what promises to be a very entertaining evening.

If you haven't already seen details of our competition, make sure you check that out, as you can win a VIP package of a pair of tickets to both dConstruct AND the screening!

And of course, for more information about dConstruct, or to buy tickets (if you haven't already), hop to the very lovely website.