We’re happy to have a full house again after a couple of weeks of Clearlefties gadding around the world speaking at conferences. Andy Budd just got back from Web 2.0 Expo in New York, IDEA in Philadelphia, and Iceweb in Reykjavik. Jeremy’s been at An Event Apart in Washington DC, and Fronteers in Amsterdam, where he made the opening keynote address. And a little closer to home, Cennydd took part in FOWA.

Cennydd also shared he and James Box’s UX wisdom, running the first of their UX Fundamentals workshops. And their book, Undercover User Experience Design, is now available, so make sure you snap up a copy!

And speaking of things to snap up, UX London 2011 tickets go on sale tomorrow! Early Bird tickets are strictly limited, so grab yours while you can!