Clearleft has seen past interns produce some great solutions, such as a connected audio player and a product to empower citizens in planning applications. This year we’re exploring the opportunities for user-centred design and technology to enhance primary care in the NHS (GP services).

The NHS is undergoing both a digital transformation and operational one with the recent grouping of surgeries into Primary Care Networks (PCNs). This will enable efficiencies and greater resilience, but it’s early days. Alongside this the NHS continues to feel pressures from growing patient demand and falling GP numbers.

This project brings doctors and designers to the table with a shared purpose of uncovering opportunities and designing for good to support our much loved NHS.

A bit about us

Beyza has a background in industrial design and recently finished her master’s degree in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Technologies from Strathclyde Business School. She has expertise in medical device design and UX, and has founded a start-up in oral health technologies. She was also the design manager at Ege University design centre, supporting innovation in the medical sector. She’s excited to join this programme to improve her UX & UI skills in healthcare technologies.

Holly is a UX Designer with an interest in health and nutrition, in particular in the growing research area of the human microbiome and disease. She has trained in biomedicine and volunteered for the mental health charity Mind. After 12 years crafting solutions and engaging users in reducing carbon emissions she successfully completed a 3 month immersive programme in UX Design. She's excited to have joined Clearleft in her home city where she can build her skills alongside a team of talented designers.

Lacin is a researcher and multidisciplinary designer. Having completed an interior architecture degree she continued her studies by doing a masters degree in Design where she started to become interested in design research. Her research focuses on sensory design, biophilia and immersive environments within the healthcare industry. She is very excited to collaborate with talented people from various backgrounds and learn as much as she can about the design and research process in an agile environment.

Discovery to implementation

This is a three month project. We’re lucky to have a project manager, helping us to keep to our trajectory. Five days in we are deep in the discovery phase of this vast problem area, speaking with local doctors. During the second month we will be exploring different designs for our target problem before the final stage of implementation in which we will be bringing that solution to life.

You can follow us on twitter @clearleftintern and we will be posting regular blog posts here on the Clearleft site. If you have any comments or want to share any experiences or ideas in this area you can email us.