Clearleft Presents

Clearleft Presents is a programme of workshops, led by some of the biggest names in the tech industry. It’s a hand selected combination of designers, speakers, authors and evangelists, from across the sector; inspired by the most popular and impactful sessions at UX London, Leading Design and Patterns Day.

Attendees working together in a workshop.
Ampersand London, UK and NY, USA

Ampersand is a one-day web typography conference. We bring together the industry’s leading thinkers and designers from across the worlds of type and web design.

Richard Rutter hosting Ampersand 2018 Ampersand 2018 Poster design Welcome to Ampersand
Patterns Day

A one-day event for web designers and developers on design systems, pattern libraries, style guides, and components.

Introducing the speakers. Ellen on stage. The audience paying rapt attention.
Responsive Day Out

Way back in the early days of responsive design, Clearleft created this conference to fly the flag for responsiveness and multi-device design. We brought together the world’s key speakers on the subject, and attracted designers, developers and content people from far and wide to share their ideas and workflows, working together to develop new practices for the world of devices as we know it today. 

A stage and an audience.

dConstruct was one of the UK’s first tech conferences and remained well-loved until the last one we ran in 2015. Way back in the beginning we created it as a forum for eclectic, interesting and informative ideas for designers and makers. We brought together speakers who had important opinions and ideas to share with the tech world; from talks about empathic toasters, to studies of sci-fi interfaces, to strong and serious warnings about how to design for climate change, dConstruct offered annual food for thought to the design and tech industry.

The Brighton Dome packed with attendees.