Does a great customer experience require a great employee experience?

13:00–14:00 | Tuesday 11 June 2024
Streamed live on Zoom with Q&A from audience

It’s a compelling notion that "behind every great customer experience is a great employee experience”. But does that match reality?

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Service design is often described using a backstage / front-of-house analogy. In the outside world it’s often the customer’s experience - the front-of-house - that gets all the attention. However the backstage surely warrants some appreciation too? Is it true that the tools and services behind the scenes are just as fundamental to a customer’s experience as the front-of-house user interface?

Our panellists will answer these questions and more, including bringing to light the challenges we might come across and how we could overcome them.


Alberta Soranzo
VP of Global Customer Experience at Sage
Alberta is a senior design and organisational transformation executive, with a deep specialism in service design, systems thinking, agile and customer experience. She focuses on transforming organisations to support design and delivery of future-friendly, end-to-end service experiences that are insight-led and unlock value for customers and businesses.

Sebastien Chung
Service Design Lead at Kainos
Sebastien specialises in service design and user experience With over 15 years of experience working in the design industry, he has a well-rounded background and a deep understanding of the design process.

Amy Blackwell
Executive Director of Service Design at JPMorgan Chase
Amy is an Experience Designer with a background in User Experience and Product Design, currently working in Service Design.

Clive Grinyer
Until recently Head of Service Design, Royal College of Art

Clive is a design consultant working with a variety of organisations on service design and innovation and has led corporate design design teams at Barclays, Cisco, Samsung and Orange France Telecom.

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