Free, remote sessions with our senior designers, to help you unblock projects and initiatives
remote workshop using a Miro board of post its

We know it’s hard to get clarity around the various projects and initiatives you want to focus on.

Our 1.5 hour, remote sessions help uncover what you’re trying to achieve and why, as well as highlight the things preventing you from getting started.

Through a collaborative session with you and one other from your team, our senior practitioners will facilitate a workshop designed to help you share and articulate your project and business needs.

What are the outcomes from this session?

  1. Gain a clearer understanding of your project’s vision
  2. Learn what success might look like, and your next steps
  3. Get a PDF of the session’s whiteboard, for later reference
Facilitating one of 10 workshops

Sounds good, what next?

Share your details below. We’re committed to your privacy and we won’t share your email address or details with anyone.

No information shared in sessions will be made public; if you’d like us to sign an NDA please let us know.