Clearleft goes SPORTY!!!

Sunday saw Rich, James Bates, Jon and myself kindly driven up to Clapham by Ant and his super, converted, bike-carrying Renault for a 9am start to the London to Brighton bike ride.

We all had an incredible day moreover managed to raise some money not only for the British heart foundation but also for Trevor Mann Baby Unit here at the Royal Sussex Hospital.

This achievement however is dwarfed by our very own Mark Perkins who SMASHED the South Downs Way 100 Ultra Running Race.

As if running 100 miles wasn't a big enough achievement, he placed first! As if placing first wasn't a huge achievement in itself he beats the course record by a whopping 1hr 40mins.

Needless to say a big congratulations to him.

So what about the work?

Tessa: This week we are hosting the second 300 Seconds which looks like it's going to be great. We held the rehearsal here last week too. Tomorrow afternoon we have a fairly big company meeting booking in the auditorium, and in the evening we have Async.

I have also arranged moving the ground floor tenants and all their furniture out of their office for four days, had the problems with their flooring finally fixed, and moved them all back in again. They seem very happy :)

Jeremy: Delivered the opening keynote at the Web Conference at Penn State:

It was in the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania. When I got back, I stirred things up on a couple of podcasts:

The Web Ahead: DRM with Jeremy Keith and Doug Schepers

Unfinished Business 73: We’ve reached peak burrito

Andy Parker: I'm learning about licensing laws in England and Wales, and navigating the bureaucracy of little generals. Mikey and I received our prototype t-shirt design for a make believe clothing company we made up on a whim. Looking at buying a silk screen print press for the office to start physical creations.

Sophie Davies-Patrick: Doing Bank stuff, Contract Stuff, BBC press release and organising this year's "Strategy Day Out" for the team.

Ant Miller: Er, ok - done secret talking to people about stuff we'll be doing later this year. Lots of tremendous opportunities and it looks like we'll be busy well into Autumn at this rate on all sorts of great site and product projects.

Made another stand up desk. Continued poking at the idea of a Drone Film Festival within the BDF.

James Bates, James Box, Jon, Mark and Andy Thornton These guys are well into a large Nordic Banking project which although sees them jetsetting off to Copenhagen every few weeks promises some exciting outcomes.

Ben White Has taken on a Nordic side mobile app project so we haven't seen him for a while either as he enjoys plane food and hotels.

Graham, Jess, Rich and I (Mikey): We are adding the very final polishes to the first Phase of an exciting story telling project for the Wellcome Trust, and have moved into conceptualising Phase 2.

Graham and I once shared a happy, professional friendship whereby he would bring me coffee in the morning and I would offer some lightly amusing anecdote about my life...

The coffee stopped.