Perhaps the biggest news here at Elf Cartel towers: our newest recruit Ben W has had a brand-new bouncing baby boy! He'll be off for the next couple weeks learning the ropes of parenthood, and we wish all the best for him and his new family.

Perhaps not quite as dramatic as childbirth, but our in-house jetsetter Jeremy has been off at the latest An Event Apart in Seattle. Unfortunately the fact that he had a good time and met a multitude of great people was completely overshadowed by the fact that he failed to pick up a snow globe for Kate. Watch this space as events develop in real time.

Speaking of jets, Andy B popped over to the sunshine state to catch the IA Summit in San Diego, followed by a brief visit to Stockholm where he met up with Ant and Andy to catch the new conference 'From Business to buttons'. Incidentally it's run by inuse, which happens to be the company our first-ever intern Emil now works at. Small world.

Substituting jets for trains, Viv has continued to eat her body weight of mussels in Brussels, fitting in some great UX work with the European Commission in her spare time, while Gary, Mikey and Ben S have commandeered the upstairs office space at 68 Middle Street and turned it into a Wellcome Trust war room as they deep-dive into their (super interesting) project.

Andy, Mark and myself have been wrapping up the final bits & pieces of the NBC PUMA project, with a visit up to London to cap things off, and Rich has been kicking off a new project with the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, fitting in a visit to Manchester with Ant to attend the 'FutureEverything' conference.

Last but not least, James, James and Mr. T have been prepping and conducting workshops for a large overseas financial client that'll be kicking off properly next week. We had a delegation of about 12 visit us in sunny Brighton midweek, and they're a lovely bunch. With 5 of us heading over to Denmark for a few weeks, the office might be a bit quieter, but definitely no less busy!

Until next week.