Though not everyone is actually here , as there's been a lot of international gadding from Clearlefties lately. James Box and James Bates have been in Copenhagen for the last couple of weeks, working with Nordea Bank (and on Tuesday spent an evening in Sweden with Clearleft pal and former intern, Emil - getting to cross The Bridge bridge in the process!). Andy B's in San Francisco, speaking at an Adobe Advisory Board summit and catching up with folk in that neck of the woods. And next week Jeremy bobs forth to present a talk and workshop in Tel Aviv - he's so jet-setting!

Closer to home, Mikey and Jon have been completing work for the Wellcome Trust, CharityJOB and Code for America. Mark has been beavering away on work for The Holiday Place and NBC Puma. Next week he, Andy P, Jon and Jess are looking forward to the kick off of our next project with NBC Puma. There's another new project to look forward to, too: Ant and Ben will be working with the lovely folk at eLife, which they're very happy about! Viv has been running a workshop with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, promoting Ladies that UX Brighton, and presenting at UXBrighton - as was Ben. On the subject of events, James Box and Jeremy have been preparing for the first Connections event, which will take place here at Middle Street next month. And I'm in the thick of UX London planning - Early Bird Three Day passes sold out last week, which is even quicker than usual, so we're thrilled about that!

Other bits and pieces: Sophie and I have got Jeremy and Tessa being guinea pigs - sorry, beta testing - our new expenses system. Quite dull to everyone else, but a source of a silly amount of joy to us. In starting-the-year-as-we-mean-to-go-on news, this week we've had our first on-site pilates class! That's going to be a weekly occurance from now on (so if you bump into any of us in the next couple of weeks and we're looking a bit stiff, you'll know why!).

And finally, a very exciting announcement: Rich and his wife Wendy have welcomed a new addition to their family, baby Laurence. Who is very, very cute.