With a bank holiday on Monday, last week was another short one. But with Andy B, Andy D and Kate back in the office, there is still plenty to report back on.

Rich and Mikey broke ground on the Kew mobile project. After reviewing content on the existing site, Mikey put together some photographic mood boards based on his experience of visiting the gardens the previous week.

Ben remains Clearleft's UX designer at large--he was last spotted in London working on a project for Evo magazine. He was joined by our resident petrol head Batesy, for which this must be a dream project. The work on Fine+Rare continued a pace, with the team (Boxman, Jon, Mark, Josh) looking at how to make the site's extensive navigation work responsively.

Team Crick (Me, Rich, Andy P, and Jess) had a catch up with the client on Wednesday. Andy P began annotating the prototype, while I continued developing the front-end code, taking my initial design and shaping it in the browser.

When not causing mischief, Jeremy announced another speaker for this year's dConstruct, the amazing Simone Rebaudengo, who spoke for us at UX London last month.

On Wednesday evening Andy, Josh, and Batesy visited a climbing wall that recently opened in Hove. I had planned on joining them, but instead spent the evening sweating over Keynote slides, prior to the presentation I gave on Friday at the wonderful Port80 conference.