What have we been up to, I'll tell you now
Starting with Graham and his well-furrowed brow.
He's been working in Cambridge, punting away
And developing patterns in his own special way.

Batesy and Jeremy have been away in Ipswich,
Helping a client get out of a ditch.
They're doing a week-long design sprint: not easy
In fact the thought of it is making me queasy.

Boxman? Well he continues to look at sizing and cups
Going for runches to avoid any hiccups.
Mark seems to be fractal-ing more and then more
It's going to be great when he shares what's in store.

The two Bens? Well they've had quite different weeks
Ben W started a new project; answers he seeks
While the other, when away near Wales
Contracted food poisoning, I'll spare the details.

Andy T, well for one he misplaced his keys
Somehow he found them, but it wasn't a breeze
He's on a new project, kicking it off with aplomb
Trying a new activity, Boxman thinks it's da bomb.

Rich and Ellen? They're just pootling along
Merging UX and Content like a singalong song
It's for their charity project, it's for a good cause
When its done there'll be a big fat round of applause.

Jess and Clare, well they've been busy like crazy
Resourcing, planning, they aren't being lazy!
Andy B's been everywhere, winning business with ease
Anna A's been skiing... and eating lots of good cheese.

Where does that leave us? Well as Tess does her thing
Running the office and making it swing,
Charlotte's been making my designs come alive
And hosting Codebar sessions, helping them thrive.

And then there's Kate, with her bright red hair
Working on UX London with snowglobes of flair
Anna C's still galavanting in Brisbane down under
Chasing crabs on a beach, she does make us wonder.

As for me? Well I'm just sitting here thinking
Put down that coffee or tea that you're drinking
And look at the jobs we have on offer right now
They're enough to make you sit up and say wow.


We need Lead UX designers and the same for UI
We really need you to stop being so shy
We need a PM and another UX designer
Trust me, working here really couldn't be finer.

So that's it for now, I bid you goodbye
Have a good week, the poem's over, don't cry!