It's been a busy week, a trend that seems to be on the increase lately. There are lots of things going on in the studio, including lots of new project contracts getting their i's and t's dotted and crossed respectively.

On the project front, Graham's been commuting like a hero to and from Cambridge, heading into his third week of six. Rich and Ellen are continuing their project with aplomb, and starting to loop in Ben W to add some lovely badges of (visual) flair.

Boxman continues to have dreams of faceted search, noodling over some particularly complex interaction design decisions, while Batesy's been continuing with Clearleft's new brand. Watch this space, it's fantastic seeing it all come together.

Ben S has been busy as a bee, working with an educational institution on the South Coast, and even finding time to give a talk on Voice User Interfaces at Digital Catapult Brighton.

Myself, Charlotte, Clare and Jeremy have been plodding away on our project, getting some huge buy-in from our wider stakeholders as they begin to realise the benefits of performance budgets. We definitely don't do culture change, right?

Speaking of Andy T, it's good to actually see the guy. He's finally back in the office and having just kicked off a new client in Hove, it looks like he'll actually be around more often.

Anna C remains in Oz, playing with Koalas and searching for Tawny Frogmouths, while Jess is working so hard lining up new work and resourcing them that she's skipping her days off. Kate continues to plan UX London like a legend and Tess - with the help of Anna R - is running both the studio and the event space like a well-oiled machine. Mark is still recovering from his surgery, making all of us realise that sneezes shouldn't really hurt. Andy B keeps winning new business, surely it's an addiction. And finally...

Mikey. Mikey's last day at Clearleft was Wednesday. He's gone to seek pastures anew after 3 years (not 4!), moving on to another Brighton company. We wish him all the best in his new challenge, and will miss his infectious enthusiasm, great design chops and general awesomeness about everything. There'll be a huge Mikey-sized void in the office. Good luck, dude.