Andy Budd
Andy Budd
9th February 2013

In his first article as part of our year long residency with The Pastry Box Project, Ben Sauer asks…

“Have humans ever had to change up what they do as fast and often as we do? Our craft exists in a never-ending state of flux. It won’t settle down for a while, if ever.”

Ben questions whether this is putting up a barrier between us and our clients, and wonders…

“Who’s not encountered a client who’s uncomfortable with [insert latest web trend]? Who’s not had a colleague who just can’t see how something will change their work?”

With this thought in mind, Ben sugests…

“I’d like to propose a new attitude to our clients and colleagues who struggle to keep up; they need us to keep them going sometimes. Thinking about them empathically, as we would our users, offers us a more collaborative mindset.”

If you’d like to follow all of thoughts over the coming year, check out the Clearleft Pastry Box page.