We’ve just launched a new version of Silverback. Here are some of the new features we’ve built into this version based on your suggestions.

Batch ExportRyan, Simon, lwaldal, David, Darvers, Ranguard and Richard all asked for the ability to export multiple sessions, which you can now do in version 1.1. You can export an entire project at once by going to File > Export Project.

Chapter Marker FeedbackRoland asked for visual feedback when adding chapter markers. We thought this was a great idea, so in the new version when you add a chapter marker, the Silverback Gorilla icon in the taskbar briefly flashes.

Language SupportWe asked you what languages you want us to support. Silverback now supports German, Spanish, and Japanese. So thanks to our excellent translators — David Rodriguez, Sebastian Gerhard, Michael Grosch, Julian Schrader, and Satoshi Kikuchi.

As well as these features, we’ve also fixed bugs you flagged up.

iMovie import incompatibilityYou wanted to import sessions into iMovie, but videos with chapter markers were incompatible with the software. So we added an iMovie compatibility option. To export an iMovie friendly video, go to Silverback > Preferences > Export, and uncheck the “Output chapter marks” option.

Bug with cancelling exportsYou told us about a problem with cancelling exports. So we fixed this.

Audio/Video lagYou also told us that the video was lagging behind the sound. So we’ve fixed this too.

As always, your feedback is really useful to us and helps make Silverback better.