You’re invited to Clearleft’s fifth event in our series of Design Leadership panels, now virtual. Our panel will feature renowned industry voices including Shopify, J.P. Morgan Chase, Babylon Health and Duck Duck Go.
7th Oct 2020, 15:00 – 16:30 BST

What will the near-future look like for design teams? Join us as we explore how processes, team structures and culture might change as our industry matures and grows. 

Although we find ourselves continuing to adapt to life in a pandemic, Design is still gaining greater prominence in the boardroom and making huge advancements in tooling, processes, methods and adoption.

Laptop with a zoom call and microphone

Our panel

Exploring the future of... Design teams

In this panel we’ll gaze into a collective crystal ball, imagining what the future of design teams might look like.

Is remote-first here to stay, and will digital transformation still be a thing? How will we hire and foster team culture? Will design be subsumed by engineering, or will it continue to step up the value chain towards the C-suite? Will everyone be a Design Thinker™ making today’s plethora of design gurus obsolete? 

Or, will we all just be replaced by machine-learning, AI-robot overlords?