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  • dConstruct 2015 podcast: Brian David Johnson

    The newest dConstruct podcast episode features the indefatigable and effervescent Brian David Johnson. Together we pick apart the futures we are collectively making, probe the algorithmic structures of science fiction narratives, and pay homage to Asimovian robotic legal codes.

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  • Building the dConstruct 2015 site

    I remember when I first saw Paddy’s illustration for this year’s dConstruct site, I thought “Well, that’s a design direction, but there’s no way that Graham will be able to implement all of it.” There was a tight deadline for getting the site out, and let’s face it, there was so much going on in the design that we’d just have to prioritise.

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  • Weeknotes #88

    This week seems to have been particularly colourful with post-it notes and marker pens at Clearleft towers. The whiteboards, walls, doors and even the ceiling are now covered in our fervent thinkings.

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